Saturday 9 April 2022

Thoughts from a fall!

And other issues...

How often do you take the workings of your body for granted?

I suspect many of us take the things we are able to do for granted, such is

the focus on looking and feeling good in society. 

As I prepared my newsletter, I reflected on last month during which I had

not one but three reminders to be ‘grateful’* for living largely pain free in

a body that doesn't need society to make reasonable adjustments -

especially as it, and many of us, are oblivious to what adjustments truly

need to be made.

The first was that my boy was in pain with a knee condition (he’ll be fine),

and secondly I had a sore leg and hip (I am fine).

Both may cause long-term niggles... O’s issue is manageable but not funny,

mine was avoidable-ish and had a tinge of the comedic about it.

Yes, folks, I took a cartoon style tumble into mud on a walk during A pause outdoors – TheKateOutdoors. Mud - 1. Ego - 0.

In my case, I am glad I can laugh about it and glad for the reminder to

appreciate the home I am/we are.

The third reminder however was a much bigger one, and will require

major adjustments for a loved one.

All I'll add is please don't ignore health warning signs, especially you men.

If, and when, your body talks folks... Please, listen.

Denise x

(*Note: I have tried not to be ableist in this piece, but welcome feedback
on how it might be not so in the future if any of this was insensitive)

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