Saturday 30 March 2013

About the boys

I do try to reference gentlemen in my blogs as much as possible but recognise that they're largely quite girly - so this blog is about addressing the balance and letting the gents taking centre stage for a change.

A number of my CMB colleagues have reported an increase in the number of guys they see, and I'm chuffed that more men are seeing the value in what I do. 

My oft used themes about image and confidence, image and job prospects, and image being a reflection of the inner you, are universal and relevant whether you are male or female.

Personally, I love doing consultations for men as (in my experience) once they get it, they just seem to go for it; but it it could be argued that its harder for guys to break out of their expected and/ self imposed uniforms of jeans & t-shirt or suit & tie combos.

But watch and learn from these guys...

What you see above is a real show of individuality, how to wear colour, accessorise and how to rock a trend...

Fellow men - see, it is possible! Ladies - this is what I'm talking about!

Go try it,

Note: A couple of these boys were bashful and asked not to be identified... Bless em!, and Thank you for letting me take the pics anyway.

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Today, it's Springtime...

...officially, even if the sun doesn't know it!

With the change in season, Mirabelle knows that it's time for a change so she's had a makeover.

It can be good to review our look occasionally, but we may need to be careful not to interfere with our personal brand (at least not too drastically, unless that's the plan).

A change in the colours you wear, updating your make-up or changing your hairstyle are some of the ways we can do this.

Mirabelle still looks the same essentially, but her colours have been softened to be more springlike; and as such might change how she is perceived or what statement she makes.

What does her new look say to you, and do you like it?
What could you do to update your personal brand without compromising your essence?

Do tell!
- And if you need help, don't forget that's what I do! -

PS - I know it's still cold, so here's a reminder about how to dress for 'Springter':

Tuesday 12 March 2013

It's Springter...

A colourful print for Springter!
...It may be Spring, but gee it's cold!

It's officially Spring - the daffodils are blooming, but. feels more like winter so how do we style for the season whilst keeping out the chills?!  Chances are - much as we'd like to hibernate - you have to leave the house some time, so here are my top six tips on dressing for a snowy spring:

  • Layer up, with the light on top - Wear a spring outfit with thermals, jumpers and leggings underneath... Angela Weyers of 'My Stylist London' called it 'thermal chic'!
  • If like me, you're not quite ready to ditch the winter coat, play with 'softening' accessories like a beret rather than a beenie!
A deep floral touch!

  • Introduce florals in your deepest shades - florals are very Spring but don't have to be in light and pastel shades.

  • Lighten up! - Go for spring shades in cosy fabrics such as a woolly cardi' (remember some of us need to wear pastels with bolder colours, others can go tone-on-tone)

  • Change your make-up and/ nail varnish - I've gone from my deep plum winter lippy to a more spring-like pink lip gloss (just make sure it's in your shade!)

  • Shop! - The shops are full of new season styles (as they should be, of course)... Go shopping wrapped up, but think of and prepare for warmer days.

Denise x

Me - 'layering' the tips!

PS - Thank you Phineas & Ferb for the title idea!

Tuesday 5 March 2013

Moustaches and Make-up!

What we wear on our face can have just as much impact as what we wear on our body!

Hopefully when we meet people, the first thing they focus on is our faces as they look at our ours for signs of sincerity, and at our mouths as we speak.  As such our face has a powerful role to play in our overall image.
For gents growing or removing a beard or moustache can make a statement, update or completely change their look, and for women - make-up can do the same.

This weekend a very good and talented friend of mine painted my face. It was important to me that it made the right statement, was in the right colours and in the right proportion.
Moreover, it was something I'd never had done before so it made me feel quite adventurous!

If you're not quite brave enough to have your face painted before you go shopping, how about a different lipstick or a beard trim?
Simple changes like this can make a positive difference - to how you look, and feel... especially if the compliments roll in!


I think she did a great job, and lots of people made positive comments.
What would you be painted as (if at all)?
And if not a face paint, what else could you do to liven up your look?

Would love to hear your comments.