Wednesday 24 September 2014

Petite Pals: Look cool, stay warm.

Staying warm, staying stylish, staying seen!

It can be tougher dressing a petite frame in cooler seasons as fabrics get heavier and clothing gets bigger - that thick winter jumper that the models are wearing looks great on girls with a 'grande' scale but that sort of thing can just swamp us petites.

I personally find it challenging not to disappear under my heavy winter coat and behind my umbrella so I've put together this guide of what works for me.

My tips for petite dressing as the temperature drops (in no particular order)...

1. Wedge boots - we still need some height but stiletto heels in snow... Just no!

2. Cashmere & Merino - in your wardrobe there should be (thin yet warm) cashmere or similar, be it a jumper, cardi, dress or twin set if you're a classic style personality.

3. Coloured tights matched with a bright ankle boot allows us to stay in shorts and mini's and create the look of longer legs like nude shoes do for us in the summer.

4. Thermal undies - yes, I'm serious. A thin thermal is a way to keep warm without the bulk.

5. A cropped wooly jumper, ideally with 3/4 length sleeves - you may need to balance a heavy top with chunkier boots. However, it's best to avoid more big chunky, eg jewellery, on your top half.

6. A waistcoat (not with your wooly jumper I'd suggest) - it's another layer, shaping and stylish. For work layer with a thermal vest, shirt, waistcoat and jacket... Snug!

7. Don't forget to wear colour*, and as tempting as it is don't wear too many deep colours if they're not in your palette (and especially not as a roll neck jumper!) - not specific to petites but worth a mention all the same. Remember, top to toe colour will lengthen you.

8. Use/tie your winter scarves in a way that fits with your petite proportions, and as your scarf is near your face make sure you're wearing a flattering colour. 
(Not sure what yours are: #getyourcoloursdone!)

9. Also think about your proportions when it comes to hats - whilst a heavy wide-brimmed hat may make a striking fashion statement, it may also overshadow the petite person wearing it!

10. Personally, I love dresses and skirts but when it cools down you'' often see me in... Trousers - patterned and plain, they are a cool season essential in my book, but the frustration can be getting the length right (especially if they need to be squeezed into your boots). M&S, Topshop, Next are my high street recommendations. Need them made? Go to The clothes lady or Suit yourself suits.

Obviously we're more than our height, so your bodyshape may affect which of these items work best for you, however as a general guide and in summary: 
  • Thinner materials layered up are best. 
  • Don't go for anything too bulky or big. 
  • Follow the usual dressing petite dressing rules, but...
...Don't abandon your inner-style rules - because worse than losing your body under a big jumper, is losing your style personality under a bundle of 'rules'!

Do you agree?
Which tips were most useful?
Are there any you'd add?

Happy Shopping!

Denise x

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