Tuesday 31 March 2020

Seven Days in Isolation with the BCC...

...And does it really matter?

Given such challenging times, I asked myself if the body confidence agenda and cards had a place in the conversation.

When I accepted the answer was yes, I set off on seven days of sharing something to keep people positive in between all the bad news and instead of all the messages that were making me feel like I had to do a five mile run every day and develop abs in a week!

Each day the 'challenge' set was based on the Body Confidence Cards. More fundamentally they were about taking care of our mental health and emotional wellbeing, and not all focussed how we look or feel about our bodies as such.

The topics were:
  • Eating Happy
  • Dressing Up
  • Thinking about Messaging
  • Moving our Bodies for joy
  • Getting Creative
  • Self-care
  • Reflecting on and Thanking our Bodies

Being stuck, aka safe, at home in isolation will have a different impact on everyone and that's ok. For some it will mean time to do good things, but for others it may be a time of negative rumination. The posts suggested only good things, so to answer the question 'does it really matter?' - Yes. Yes it does because at this point in time, we all need to fix our eyes on the light even in the darkness.

It started as an offer to others, but in reality it turned out to be an act of self-care as I got alot from positive thinking and sharing something each day. I've kinda missed it today, but it's been nice to reflect and I'll no doubt have to think of something else over lockdown. Watch this space!

To find out more, get in touch via the social media channels etc below or go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/2653606204690681/

Let's get through this #TogetherApart.
Best wishes
Denise x