Saturday 30 April 2016

7 ways your wardrobe can further your wellbeing

Have a wardrobe you love that loves you back!

I recently did a wardrobe audit with a client and was reminded how much more our wardrobes hold besides our physical clothes.

Our wardrobes sometimes hold our memories. They can hold our confidences. They can be an expression of our emotions. And in the back of them, we can try and bury the odd secret!

A not so healthy wardrobe is one that isn't helping us, such as those filled with clothes that no longer fit and keep us thinking about when they did, rather than encouraging us to dress who we are now.

A healthy wardrobe however is one that makes us smile when we open it. One that can make us feel good, not just hold the things that make us look good.

Confession: This is not my wardrobe! (Image from

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your wardrobe furthers your wellbeing:

1. Find in it the colour/s that boost your mood - what colours do you have in your wardrobe? Work out what your regular happy's are, if you regularly wear your pink scarf, cardigan, skirt etc think about what that's telling you. If there's a colour that you love but don't own, find your perfect shade and shop for it!
2. Clear it out - apparently de-cluttering is de-stressing, for example get rid of what doesn't fit (or put it elsewhere).
3. Pass on old stuff - there's nothing more feel good than helping others
4. Rediscover something fabulous that still fits - and wear it, you'll feel fabulous
5. That t-shirt you own that doesn't fit anymore that you just can't part with... Frame it: If you love it, why not hang it on a wall!
6. What's your happy memory outfit - wedding dress, graduation outfit stuck in the back of the wardrobe when it could be closer? Trigger the memory... if you smiled just thinking about it so imagine how you'll feel touching, smelling and dancing around in it!
7. Use your wardrobe as an opportunity to involve a friend - make it fun, get a group together and catch up. You may even be able to swap shop... Just stay away from the red wine!

The point is that you should only keep in your wardrobe, those things that make you feel great about yourself and improve your wellbeing.

And of course if you'd love a professional opinion, I'd gladly help.

Take care 'til next time,
Denise x

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