Sunday 9 April 2017

Dressing up when feeling low.

I've been in leggings and the first top I could lay my hands on for days. And that's perfectly fine, if that's your style space. But that's not in keeping with my style personality. I'm a dresser-upper.

So, why the dress-down days? Dental problems... one little hole that's given me jip!
"So what?" you might ask (given this is a style blog!)

I'll get to the point quickly: I decided today to do me and that means I've put on a dress. And it's helped me to feel better. Not well, but better.

For some it's wearing make-up, for others it's the comfort of pj's for a day. But, whatever it is that makes you feel better. It matters. Do that.

It's why an organisation like (the incredible) 'Look good, feel better' does what it does.

In and off itself, what you wear on your face or body, isn't going to heal you physically but the process of doing your thing can distract you and boost your mood, which in turn will help the production of happy, healthy self producing body chemicals.

But, as I said, do you.

Today, I'm doing 'feeling shitty but trying to look pretty'!

Hope you're well!
Denise x

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