Tuesday 27 August 2013

Becoming Billie

Normally I encourage people to be themselves and find their own style but last Saturday evening I found myself totally absorbed by someone being someone else, as I watched Nina Kristofferson sing and and essentially become Billie Holiday.

A must see show!

If you must be someone else, best to become someone with bags of style and Lady Day definitely had a signature sound and look. Musically Billie was said to fight any attempt to change her songs or how she sang them; and style-wise Ms Holiday had an iconic look too.  Billie wore the fashion of her day but her personal style was defined by a flower in her hair - her chosen iconic look. One story tells us she once performed with blood running down her face as she pinned one to her head. 

Talented and tragic, the Beautiful Billie

As well as taking on Billie's songs and mannerisms, by adding a flower to her hair for her show Nina really channelled Billie but as she lets her hair down and moves from a sparkly electric blue dress to a trendy Masato tee she becomes Nina again.

It's amazing how wearing the clothes of an era or the signature of a person transforms you, and therefore don't ever forget how much your personal style defines you.  

What's your signature style?

Denise x

The lovely, talented Nina - Go see her show!
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