Sunday 2 September 2012

I'm a bag lady!

I love handbags!... And it seems like I'm in good company as even the Queen is famed for always carrying her boxy Launer handbag!

Unlike the pure adornment of a pair of earrings, for example, a handbag will (usually) have some practical application; unlike sunglasses they are useful all year 'round; and unlike shoes you have few comfort issues with a bag making it a fantastic accessory. Moreover a handbag can be a valuable commodity - Last year a Margaret Thatcher handbag sold at auction for £25,000 and recently a judge talked about how much a handbag links to a woman's sense of security. 

Unlike the Queen however, I have to admit to changing the style of mine (some might say too often!) to fit the season and occasion. 
So, what do I take in to account? Here are my tips for finding the perfect bag:

  • Right shape eg if you're round a structured square-shaped bag works best
  • Right proportion - if you're petite, like me, don't be swamped with a huge bag (a challenge when you like to carry as much stuff as I do!)
  • Strap length - remember the eye will be drawn to where the bag sits especially if it's not the right bag re colour, shape or size
  • Right colour - bags are a great accessory for adding a bit of colour without wearing it, but do get it right. Also, they're great if you have to wear a uniform and want to feel like 'you' (at least on the way to work!)
  • Right statement - Think about what you want your handbag to say: I'm practical, I'm professional, I'm girly, I'm trendy perhaps.
  • It's budget right: but do remember that if it's going to be used often it may be worth investing in
  • Use & Fit - as any mum will tell you a bag has to fit everything in, but really... the kitchen sink should not be included! Think why you have it: It's meant to be practical so bags with compartments may work better if you've got lots going in.
  • Is it comfortable? - Sorry to be boring but do think about issues like shoulder strain.
  • It's nice: So, ignore the last bits about it being practical! - Some bags just have to be owned because, well, they're nice... that is all. So the question is do you like it? - After all, even if it breaks all the rules, chances are you'll put it down at some point!

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