Thursday 31 March 2016

Springtime means pastels.

And how to wear them, if you want to...

Its traditional that retailers go from deep, strong, bold colours in the winter to pastels (pale pink, baby blue, peach and mint for example) in the Spring, and this year Pantone have doubled the ante by making rose quartz and serenity their star colours for their colours of the year.

For some of us that's going to be quite a challenge, either because it's" not me" (too 'girly' and romantic) or because pale is unflattering on us.

If it's the former, my big tip is obvious and simple: Just don't wear it... There's nothing wrong with not being 'in fashion' with everything - you can be on trend in other ways. But more importantly, it rocks to just be authentic and do your own thang!

If though, like me, you don't mind a pastel but they're not top-to-toe flattering, there are things you can do. Namely these 6 things...
  • Wear pastels on your bottom half with something deeper on top (we should wear our best colours nearest to our face)
  • Go for pastel accessories with something deeper
  • Paint your nails pale
  • Go for softer make up - my favourite soft is nude as opposed to my wintery plum shades
  • Find your best pastel: there's at least one for most colour types* eg peach for a warm undertone and lilac for a cool undertone
  • Say "sod it" and occasionally go all out because you want to (you rebel you!)

However, if you're fair and love pastels, go for it - they look great on you. Whatever your choice - pastels or not... Enjoy the season!

Happy Spring.

*To find out your best pale shades (and all the others) and how to wear them, why not treat yourself to a colour or image consultation?!

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