Tuesday 14 February 2012

The colour of romance

If you know me or have read my previous blogs, and have hopefully remembered that it’s Valentine’s Day today! you may be surprised that my colour of the moment is not red. Whilst as I’ve said before, red will be one of the hot colours of the season, I think the real colour of the moment is actually PINK. For me seeing pink blossoms are a sign that Spring is coming, and in terms of fashion that’s the season we’re in.

As with all colours it’s meaning and associations vary, but in the West, pink is often associated with femininity and romance, particularly in its pale form.  However that image doesn’t do it justice as it’s a colour with a huge range (raspberry, fuschia, blush, bubblegum and rose to name a few), which works well on men (yes it does) and women – in fact there is a ‘pink’ for every dominant colouring. It’s a colour that is often linked to health and wellbeing… physical (“in the pink”) and emotional (“tickled pink = happy).  It is a colour that makes me look and feel healthy (in the right shade) and is great with neutrals grey/black.

Though I’m not a huge fan of wearing pink, drink-wise I love it… glass of rose, chambord-based cocktail or pink champagne anyone?! It’s also the Colour of Breast Cancer Care – a charity for both women AND men, which Avon supports, so I see it as a charitable and inspiring colour….  

On second thoughts – I love pink (but only if it’s deep!)

Happy Valentines Day everyone xXx

Monday 6 February 2012

What would you sacrifice for style?

This week I sacrificed my usually sane approach to clothes for the sake of style. Despite the chilling temperature and the risk of snow I went out in four inch, yes four inch, heels!

I was attending a CMB conference and the thought of not looking my best in a venue full of stylists was enough to make me compromise my ‘natural style personality’ and put it firmly behind my love of the dramatic! I hate being cold, and as I’m often running fashionably late I also like footwear I am mobile in. Wearing my leopard print heels instead of boots meant I risked cold legs (despite the thick tights), and there was no way in could run in these babies. Worse still I couldn’t tell if the people (women mainly) staring at me/my feet on the journey were admiring my outfit or thinking I’d lost my mind, as everyone else en route to South Kensington was in boots or trainers. However, on this occasion, the sacrifice was worth it because a number of my colleagues complimented my bravery and my look. 

Don’t be fooled though, it’s not as bad as it sounds – I didn’t abandon my senses completely... the shoes have rubber soles and I did carry leggings and socks for the journey home!

For me it was the right call, after all it didn’t actually snow whilst I was out on Saturday and my outfit gave me a confidence boost. 

But do you get it, or do you think I’m mad?

My next sacrifice will be comfort as I think I’m going to need a corset for my bridesmaid dress later this year (and I’m not prepared to give up food)!

So, back to my original question... what would you sacrifice for style?  

The shoes in question... Personally, I love 'em!