Sunday 9 February 2020

Body Confidence and the Storm

How my fence is like Body Confidence...

...And Ciara, the nemesis!

Storm Ciara has well and truly arrived and she's taken my fence down on her travels. So, what's this got to do with body confidence you might ask...
...Well, I see body confidence as being on a spectrum (including acceptance through to love) and it's a journey we're all on, if not consciously, all the time.
Even if your body confidence is like a strong, sturdy fence, there may be times when storms come along and make you wobble or even fall over completely. 
The 'storm(s)' might be internal, hormonal, age or circumstances related, emotionally, or physically triggered. Or the trigger can be external - a negative comment, diet ad, social media image or something else.
The thing is to know that the fence should and can be patched up, rebuilt. Just as you should allow your body confidence to return, regrow and build when storm passes.
You may have the skills, experience and resilience to do this yourself or you may need an expert/buddy, but you can, will and must find what it takes to make things safe for yourself again. 
I created the body confidence cards for these times, but also more generally as the more anchored we are in general the less likely light winds will knock us off course. 
Being wobbly doesn't make us weak, but standing up post-wobble does make us stronger. Constantly building our positive body narrative might even help us weather the big hitters.
Hope Ciara doesn't do too much damage. And I hope any down days don't last too long.

Here's to standing firm and/then getting back up!
Denise x