Tuesday 30 August 2016

My summer holiday style by number!

My summer holiday 1-2-6!

Holiday dressing and shopping is something I find a pleasure. I love the hotter weather, but dressing for the office in hot weather is sometimes a challenge so let's face it, in the UK I don't get to wear my shorts and sunnies that often (as weekend sunshine isn't guaranteed)!

This year was no exception, I loved planning my summer wardrobe and packing before my holiday, and shopping in Spain. So...
...Here's my 1-2-6 of this summers holiday style:

1. My make up bag travelled with me, but I really only used one item - my new "Oh my gloss" Rimmel lipgloss. It's rather lush - bright but subtle, not too sticky and stays put!

2. I seemed to do my accessories in two's* - I travelled with two hats (though only one mate it back sadly), two pairs of sunglasses, and brought two bracelets to match two rings, and two rings (not to match the bracelets!)
*I didn't stick to the two accessory rule when it came to shoes mind you!

3. I brought three new dresses: I hadn't intended to! I do always like to buy one dress on holiday as it's nice to have something that nobody else is likely to turn up wearing at a summer wedding! However, this time around I couldn't resist three beauties - one sassy, one sweet and one oh so-easy-to-wear. You can decide which the one below is...
One new dress, in white. With white sandals. Hair up, fringe back.

4. I seemed to wear four colours predominantly: red, pink, white and black. Picking colours in my palette that I could mix and match made dressing easy especially as my printed items could all be co-ordinated with one of these. It really helps with packing to focus on a few colours.

5. Shoes* are my packing nemesis - I need flip flops and trainers for practical reasons, but being petite and needing a variety of heel heights to make certain outfits work makes taking any less a challenge... for me.
On trend tropical print. Worn with hot pink. One pair of heels, out of 5 pairs of shoes.

6. My hair - I wore a curly ponytail which meant I could wear a full ponytail, a shortened ponytail and a full updo... add to that my fringe au natural, straightened or plaited and those six variations meant a whole range of 'hair-do's'

What's been your 2016 summer style by numbers, so far - make up, accessories, clothes, purchases? Let's hope we don't have to pack it all away too soon, so...

...Here's to a warm September!
Denise x

PS - More pics may follow.