Thursday 24 July 2014

Before the Front Row!

Would you share your story?

I was approached to take part in the Models of Diversity Front Row event following my #30daysofbodypraise blog at which set out to promote the Body Confidence calendar (

With the event taking place in the next few weeks the excitement and nerves are beginning to kick in, so this blog is about where I'm coming from and where I'm at!

I'm nervous because Body Confidence isn't an easy subject and we can't be sure we'll connect with every member of the audience. However it's a great opportunity to explore the issue, connect with others for whom it's important and because if we can make a difference to how just one person perceives themselves it'll be worth it.

I'm very passionate about the issue, and the impression I have (based on loads of discussion with clients, having worked with models, and in writing the blog) is that most people, if not everyone, struggles with body confidence at least sometimes.

I also believe everyone has a body confidence timeline - times when we've been confident, maybe because we've been given positive messages; and times when that's not been the case.

Timing is also key and it is often the messages we've heard in our teen years that have the most impact as it is then that we're most likely to be trying to get the balance between rebellion and conformity right. However, if you're a parent don't think that the early years messages have no impact at all - they do.

For example, I'm currently experiencing hair loss and having heard "a woman's hair is her beauty" since childhood, this experience is a particular challenge and is becoming another part of my story. However it's not what's happening that defines my body confidence - the difference comes from 'parking' that old and unhelpful belief, being honest about the issue, seeking help and ultimately recognising (saying and believing) that my hair doesn't define me! It's a process and not always an easy one, but we can overcome our body confidence issues and talking about them is a good place to start.

And that's the spirit I hope I'm able to get across on Monday night.

If we can track and understand our journey we're on the right path, and it's a path personal to each one of us. And PS: as the media doesn't know us all, we shouldn't let us influence us too much.

When it comes to influence, I'm going with listening to the others on the panel. See why here:

I hope you'll join us to ask your questions, share your stories and views and hear more from this passionate and experienced group of 'experts'

To book your ticket, go to:

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Hope to see you at the event.....
Denise x

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