Friday 28 March 2014

Petite? There's so much more!

A report from the Petite Networking event of...

I connected with Debonita and was invited to do a talk at her petite networking event a few weeks ago. It was great to be in a crowd and feel 'average'. It doesn't happen often, not even at family events, considering that I'm shorter than even my 12yo nephew! 

The first speaker was Jess of "Jeetley Petite" who talked to us about the her petite challenges in finding workwear which lead to the creation of the label, and what goes into getting petite clothing made. I was certainly left with an appreciation of what goes into making petite clothes and that it's not just about using less material. 

We also heard from Rebecca Goodyear about skincare. Obviously, taking care of your skin is not exclusive to us petites, and you'd be amazed at what's gone (going) into our make-up over the years!

Our final speaker was the very stylish Aga of "I A.M the Brand" who went through the trends for the season and which would work for petites.

In between these was me, and the theme of my talk was that "we are not all the same but we are all more than our height" - a 'concept' that seemed to be appreciated. I talked about the rules: what they are, why they exist and - most importantly imho - how and why to break them incorporating style personality and bodyshape. Apparently it was "...epic"! (*Denise grins widely*)

It really was a great evening, and I will certainly be supporting petite brands more to make sure they stay in the shops. 

To sum up:
"Petite ain't nothing but a number, Your height ain't nothing but a thing;
There's so much more to you, That'll never change"
(Sing it to the tune of "Age ain't nothing but a number" by Aaliah"... Loudly!)

Other notes from the night:

As well as the presentations, there were a number of stalls with products not just aimed at, but designed for, petite ladies. Sadly, I'm petite in stature but not shoe size so rather than buy my favourite shoes as a treat, I enjoyed getting my nails done by @NiceNailsBaby instead. Check out the full event details and suppliers at:
The shoes* from Petite Shoe Boutique (
My nails by @NiceNailsBaby

*Me and my red shoe love: 

Until next time.....

Petite & Proud!
Denise x

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Thursday 6 March 2014

Six steps for Spring style

Phew, we made it through the wind and rain to Spring so now it's time for the sun to come out and your heavy coat to come off!

Here are my six steps to getting style ready for the season:


1. ...About what events you've got coming up over the coming months. We're approaching race and wedding season and shopping for/putting together your outfit should be a fun, leisurely experience for big occasions not a mad rush with a greater risk of panic purchases, bad choices and turning up at an event with the same High Street fare as someone else.
(Need help?: A personal shopping experience might be the thing!)


2. What's already sitting in your wardrobe that's a staple from Springs past and what can you carry over from Winter into Springter (when it's often bright but cold!)?
(Need help?: A wardrobe audit is your needed service!)

3. Also, check your make-up bag. Make-up has a use-by date and a good make-up spring clean is important for clear skin and a fresh look over the coming months.
(Need help?: Learn more at a make-up lesson)

Our Personal Stylists and Image Consultants offer colour analysis, fashion styling and personal advice about image and styling


4. Introduce this season's colours into your layers, and think about fabric that is good in all weathers/temperatures as days are changeable.
(Need help?: A full image consultation will advise you on all that's best for you)

5. Try something different style-wise to mark the new season - I always change my hairstyle around now, but a new lipstick or some new nail varnishes are also good, quick updates. Check out Colour Me Beautiful's fantastic new items at or ask me more!
(Need help?: See point 6!)

6. Join me at my seasonal update workshop or book a one-to-one to find out what seasonal trends are the best for YOU!

Note: the focus is on the DO. Go on, do something and see my contact details below if you need any help or to BOOK any services!

Until next time!

Denise x

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