Thursday 13 February 2014

How to... Wear red shoes!

Inspired by Mrs P & J!

I was recently asked by a former client how she could wear red shoes without looking like a .......! Then a friend posted a picture of her gorgeous new red shoes on Facebook; and now here we are.

The difference in the two perspectives - concern vs 'oh yeah' is probably down to association and style personality. Whereas red shoes are avoided as a little 'daring' or 'showy' for some, for others they will have been chosen because represent power and confidence. And whilst a dramatic will love the impact of a pair, a natural may find them frivolous.

Whether you're thinking of getting a pair of red shoes to be 'daring' or to add to your existing collection, below are my top five tips on how to make sure wearing your red shoes look suitably stylish!

  • Watch the height:

The higher the heel the more dramatic the look. A red pump will be seen as a less threatening prospect than a pair of stiletto's. DM's are not covered by this point!

  • Think about the material: 

Different fabrics will soften or intensify the colour/impact. Suede will come across as softer than patent, and if they sparkle you may be called Dorothy forever after!

  • Consider the details:

Bows and ruffles will create a different look and again will 'soften' the overall appearance of your shoes/outfit. Also, are they rounded, pointed or peep toe?

  • Consider the 'what with'?

If you wear high, patent, pointy red heels with hot pants or a leather mini dress the look will clearly take on a different angle compared to the same shoes worn with a long evening dress or a suit with a co-ordinated red handbag. So...

  • ...Make them THE statement:

By anyone's standards wearing a red dress, red tights and red lippy might be a step too far, so unless you're going for all out drama, red shoes are best worn as a pop of colour with neutrals.


For inspiration, check out the internet and Pintrest.
And if red shoes are a little too much for you even with all this considered, remember you can create the same impact with shoes in another statement colour or by having red as the trim on a neutral coloured shoe.

Do you own a pair of red shoes? Share a pic' with us! Here's a pic of me in a pair (one of many!)

A peak of my red shoes (and Stella & Dot bling) for BHF wear red day 2014

Until next time!

Denise x

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Tuesday 4 February 2014

Awards season & Style Personality

What's your style personality?

We've just one month until the Oscars, probably the biggest Awards event in the calendar, but we've already seen lots to talk about stylewise. We've had the SAG's, the GG's and the Grammy's so far and it's been fun to watch with every style personality represented on the red carpet.

This year, I've been looking through my 'style personality' lens at what we can learn from looking at the stars, and one thing that's really struck me is that people do tend to stick to a certain type if you look closely.

It's not science, but let's have some fun and see what your choice might say about you! You've probably got likes, but would you really dare to wear Emma's choice?

So, which outfit would you actually, honestly wear from those above? Your choice is suggesting your style personality, so now read the commentary below to discover more. And it's not just ladies, style personalities applies to the gent's as well, so I've considered them too!



Emma Thompson/Pharrell Williams - Natural style personality
Comfort is your thing, fuss is not! Emma wore heels for the red carpet for the Golden Globes but by the time she hit the stage they were gone. By the date of the Golden Globes the heels were gone, and comfort won! And despite the oversized hat, it's obvious Pharrell's focus was comfort.

#SAGAwards - Simply stunning... massive hitNot a black suit - makes it an auto Hit for me

Lupita Nyong/Kunal Nayyar - Dramatic style personality: 
Your choices state "Look at me, I'm here". Lupita has been hitting the headlines with bold, standout colours this awards season. Kunal stood out in colour too - not as bold but it didn't need to be as most other men unsurprisingly wore black.

 Leonardo DiCaprio

Julia Roberts/Leonard DiCaprio - Classic style personality:
In your style opinion, some things just work and if it's not a LBD, then close to an LBD is a good solid choice! Everything about Julia's style keeps it classy starting with her updo. Leonardo does classic black jacket and bow tie.

Emma Watson in Dior Couture at the Golden Globes 2014 

Emma Watson/Daft Punk - Creative style personality: 
You're not afraid to make bold style choices. You like to be different and quirky - sometimes it works, sometimes too much but it's always interesting. Emma's choice was adventurous, fun and quirky. And need I say more re Daft Punk who take creative to another level!


Kaley Cuoco/ Matthew McConaughey - Romantic style personality:
Pretty, floral, floaty, pink - that sort of thing, is your sort of thing! Kaley was totally girly at the GG's and did the whole girly list. How does a man like MM do romantic? - well, wearing a tactile, smooth fabric like velvet is one way.

 Beau Bridges

Anna Gunn /Beau Bridges - City Chic style personality
Something about your outfit will say 'this wasn't off the shelf' and you give your fairly classic look a twist often with accessories. Beau's black, but patterned tux and 'different' shoes give him a dapper edge here.

Did your choice reflect your personality? This is just a glimpse at the idea of 'style personality'. To find out more: Book a style or full image consultation with Damson Belle. 

Until next time!

Denise x

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