Tuesday 9 October 2012

The beauty of Bordeaux!

Apologies if you've opened this expecting a travel or wine blog because I've never been to the place and prefer white wine. This blog is because I love the colour; and the plummy, yummy colour that is burgundy/bordeaux/claret or whatever you call it, is one of my faves!

Ever since I saw the deep rich reddy purple on catwalk earlier this year and posted it on Pintrest
, I've been hoping that it would make it to the high street. And on a reccie to find some items for a client last week, I am pleased to say I was hit with a sea of it (along with varying berry shades). If anyone was in doubt that it is a hot colour for the season is it worth noting that trend-setter the Duchess of Cambridge was recently seen wearing it.

It's a great colour for me especially in winter, and as an alternative to black. I can wear it top-to-toe but others may need to be a bit more careful, as it could look too harsh (for example, on someone very fair).

If, like me, you can carry off strong colours, my tip is a burgandy dress or alternatively you can team your bordeaux with something else strong - like a deep green, or with a bright colour... I like it with blush pink.

If burgandy isn't your best colour its best worn on your lower half in the form of coloured jeans or a skirt, or accessorise with it. 

There are also lots of other winey shades to chose from such as cassis (a deep reddy pink) and claret, along with the very versatile purple which works for everyone. And it's not just a great colour for clothes - it can look great on lips, nails and as a hair colour too!

As with any colour - whichever shade you go for, it's worth knowing where to where to wear it (eg top to toe, near your face or not) and whether to use it tone-on-tone (eg with another similar colour) or in a contrast/clashing/colour blocking way and.... A colour consultation can help with that!