Monday 17 September 2012

A night of Colour and Celebration!

Last week I was fortunate enough to represent Colour Me Beautiful at the Prima High Street Fashion awards, sponsored by Comfort. My colleagues – Ann, Franca, Beth, Jane and I were offering ladies a mini colour analysis... in the dark (more or less)!

It was all very glamorous, but more importantly the event was in aid of Breakthrough Breast cancer charity – a most worthy cause.

Despite the poor lighting we had ladies queuing to discover their best colours ably kept orderly by the lovely Lisa. As you’d expect from a ‘dressy do’, many women turned up wearing black and so we gave lots of advice (and a free lippy) about their best alternatives. We, as you’d hope, provided the example of how to wear colour donned in several shades of red, a dark and stunning blue, and a lovely light primrose! And at our dinner table, the lovely ladies from Thorntons had all cleverly chosen a shade of ‘teal’ – a colour which suits every colouring (in varying depths).

Beth, Ann, Franca, Lisa, Beth
Although we were there doing colour, and even once we’d finished working - we couldn’t resist checking out the ‘style’ on show too, and gee did we see some styles... some good, some not so (as you’d imagine).

The catwalk show was very entertaining and the perhaps the biggest cheer of the night went to a topless male model on skates! Following that, the awards began and we guessed, agreed and disagreed our way through over 20 categories including Best Jeans, Best Supermarket Brand and Best Customer Service. In fact the only category which was missing was Best Petite range, so I’m campaigning for that to be included next year given my stature!

The presenter of the night was definitely the cheeky Louis Spence who sashayed and joked, and got the biggest ‘oooh’ for some risqué comments.

If the race for a photo was anything to go by Rav Wilding was the man of the night, just pipping Chico and Brendan Cole to the title! (Can you spot them in the collage?!)

A few snaps of the night... I'm in primrose!

The word of the night - used constantly by event host Jeff Banks, every star presenter and TOWIE cast member - was... ‘Amazing’. But, to be fair - given the company, food, entertainment and goodie-bags, it actually was a very fitting word!

Want to know more about the evening, book a colour consultation yourself, or find out who won what (not yet announced on the official website) – you can get in touch with me at: 

To see how you can support 'Breakthrough', go to

Sunday 2 September 2012

I'm a bag lady!

I love handbags!... And it seems like I'm in good company as even the Queen is famed for always carrying her boxy Launer handbag!

Unlike the pure adornment of a pair of earrings, for example, a handbag will (usually) have some practical application; unlike sunglasses they are useful all year 'round; and unlike shoes you have few comfort issues with a bag making it a fantastic accessory. Moreover a handbag can be a valuable commodity - Last year a Margaret Thatcher handbag sold at auction for £25,000 and recently a judge talked about how much a handbag links to a woman's sense of security. 

Unlike the Queen however, I have to admit to changing the style of mine (some might say too often!) to fit the season and occasion. 
So, what do I take in to account? Here are my tips for finding the perfect bag:

  • Right shape eg if you're round a structured square-shaped bag works best
  • Right proportion - if you're petite, like me, don't be swamped with a huge bag (a challenge when you like to carry as much stuff as I do!)
  • Strap length - remember the eye will be drawn to where the bag sits especially if it's not the right bag re colour, shape or size
  • Right colour - bags are a great accessory for adding a bit of colour without wearing it, but do get it right. Also, they're great if you have to wear a uniform and want to feel like 'you' (at least on the way to work!)
  • Right statement - Think about what you want your handbag to say: I'm practical, I'm professional, I'm girly, I'm trendy perhaps.
  • It's budget right: but do remember that if it's going to be used often it may be worth investing in
  • Use & Fit - as any mum will tell you a bag has to fit everything in, but really... the kitchen sink should not be included! Think why you have it: It's meant to be practical so bags with compartments may work better if you've got lots going in.
  • Is it comfortable? - Sorry to be boring but do think about issues like shoulder strain.
  • It's nice: So, ignore the last bits about it being practical! - Some bags just have to be owned because, well, they're nice... that is all. So the question is do you like it? - After all, even if it breaks all the rules, chances are you'll put it down at some point!