Monday 22 March 2021

10 Reasons why Body Confidence is like Water!

 World Water Day

World water day is a reminder to us all to appreciate the gift of water - a precious natural commodity, just as we are! We should not take water for granted and it really is a first-world privilege for many of us. For others, it does not come so easy.

Today, reminded me to be thankful. Then I started thinking! And then linking... and here we are:

Does any of this resonate for you?

Keep it flowing,
Denise x

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Sunday 28 February 2021

Hair today, Gone tomorrow?

No hair? No fear?

I've seen several posts, and had some conversations, about the first thing people will do after lockdown ends (again, this time, for a time?). For me, second only to seeing my family and friends is a trip to the hairdressers.

It may seem vain but my hair is not just about a look for me - it's a real marker of health and wellbeing. 

Some years ago after a particularly stressful time, my hair started falling out in clumps. And all these years later, I still have a notable, impacting bald patch. Stress is still a factor. I suspect a likely lack of vitamin D will play its part and for others, there will be other reasons too. It is an annoyance and a frustration because I can't just do what I want with my hair. It's bigger than my personal perspective too because society prizes hair... and lots of it. Again, it's often that hair is linked to health as well as to society's narrative of beauty. Don't believe me... just look at TV ads and magazines! 

H for Hidden in the Body Confidence Card deck was inspired by this thinking. Hairloss is something we try to hide, are encouraged to. Something I've tried to deny and ignore.

I'm fortunate that I've had some great stylists over the years, and these days wigs and weaves are not exactly news, so it's by no means all doom and drama for me. I'm grateful for the headwear I've had during the lockdown. And I'm bolder and more open about my bald patch now anyway. However, that trip to the hairdressers will be my moment of truth... will I have lost more hair through anxiety or will less toxicity (due to less travel) and more home cooking turn the tide? Who knows!

What I do know is that after this lockdown, much like the previous ones, many of us will be seeking a treat(ment) that will appear to be pure pampering but will be so much more. 

What, if anything, is it going to be for you? - A manicure, facial, massage, body scrub, replacing skincare, or treating yourself to a new lippy? Whatever your answer, why and what can you do now while you wait are really the questions! 

If there's an underlying reason for your treats, don't lose sight of what it is and do what you can not to let it slide too far. It's important we note our health markers and do what we can to maintain our bodies and minds. Eat happy. Keep moving. Sleep well. Home spa. Think positive!

However, just a little reminder - if what you're thinking of doing is to suit a narrow societal narrative, think twice. We're still in a pandemic, health is wealth and other people's opinions about your body are just that - their opinions.

See you on the other side, where it'll be nice to have less health-fear even if it is with less hair in my case!

Stay well,
Denise 💞💞💞

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