Thursday 30 July 2020

A lighthouse for small ships?!

Making my ordinary story count.

There are some incredible and high profile (deservedly so) people in the Body Confidence space, and they all seem to have a big story. 

Lately, I've been a feeling a bit challenged, not about body confidence issues themselves (this time *wink*), but about my place in this space. As well as the cards, I've got a few other ideas but I've been hesitating about all of it really. Hesitating to really and boldly promote my cards. Hesitating to get to the other ideas. Hesitating to even finish my near complete website.

That Marianne Williamson quote - Imposter Syndrome - Humility - Not my place? 

Whatever it is it's not great in itself or in role modelling terms! It's not in keeping with what I'd tell others to do, and it's possibly doing a disservice to someone my offer could be useful to. 

I recently shared an image that included the phrase "I appreciate my averageness..." it was my way of calling out my own thinking, and yet even in doing that, the idea for what is now this blog was destined to remain just an idea.

And then: a conversation with my cousin, a comment I made which reminded me of this video ( and a song that popped into my head - they all nudged me.

I could ramble on about the detail of all the elements above but I'll skip that and share that I've distilled my thoughts into this.... 

My USP is that, whilst I don't have a headline story, I do have lots of relevant stories. We all do. My small, fairly average, ordinary stories are my platform and I'm here to share them in order to help. 

I believe I am representative of loads of women, women who feel and are pretty ordinary. As if ordinary is a bad thing. Many (if not most/all) of whom are harbouring small and/ underlying body image issues as they go about ordinary lives. Many of whom compare themselves to the big story owners and play down the value of their own narrative, views and gifts.

My ordinary is my story, and rather than a hindrance to being in the Body Confidence space, I'm starting to see and appreciate how my average may actually be a lighthouse to others. Because not all body image issues roar and rule, many just whisper and niggle. And whilst it's easy to let the low vibration remain, it doesn't mean it should.

So, over the next few months, I'm going to be working on how I can show up and shine up for those who feel that they don't fit into the 'big story' space either.

I see you!
Denise 💞💞💞