Thursday 6 August 2015


...A musical with a message.

I recently saw the musical "Beautiful" based on the story of Carol King, and I loved it! But despite a fab performance by award winning Katie Brayben, and cast, that's not why I'm writing this blog.

I'm writing it because I felt there was a body confidence message in it.
(I know, never quite 'off-duty'!)...

In an early scene 'Carol' talks about not being good enough in the looks department to get noticed by 'Gerry'. Later there's a brief exchange between 'Carol' and 'Cynthia' when 'Janelle's' looks are mentioned. And then there's the suggestion by 'Carol' herself she doesn't think she fits the image of a female lead vocalists when it's suggested she performs her own songs.

The super talented singer, songwriter, legend Carol King herself has endorsed the show and so I take it that such image issues/perceptions of beauty are ones she at least recognises.

Don't let the celeb status fool you - hang-ups about the way we look affects many of us irrespective of our talents, looks or role at least some of the time. 

We all know that in the end Carol's talent is what shines through, but the point is how often we let how we feel about ourselves in the looks department hold us back. As the show portrays, we have to decide to push past our insecurities, grab some body confidence (or at least embrace what makes us special), and hang onto it if we want people hear our true voice and see the "Natural woman" (sorry gents, had to get this reference in!)

How often do YOU let the way you look (or your perception about the way you look) affect what you go for in a relationship or your career, for example?

But, as it's easier said than done, if you're struggling I'm sure "You've got a friend" who can help you with that. We're usually way more harsh on ourselves than others, so enlist some support*

And (not really a spoiler!), let me tell you how the show closes: Yes, it closes with the number "Beautiful" which 'reflects themes present throughout the "Tapestry" album, such as the importance of self-esteem and positive outlook' -


 Go on, listen to Carol!
Denise x

PS - *Professional help is available eg from organisations such as The Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation ( - don't hesitate to contact me if you need redirecting.

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