Wednesday 18 February 2015

In preparation for the big day

A part of Angela & Dan's story

Whilst I've done a number of hen parties and helped a number of brides with either their makeup or dresses, Angela was a special bridal client because she was the first with whom I did a broader bridal service. We met several times and did a very holistic, bespoke series of wedding 'meetings' both in person and virtually.

A smiling Angela after a successful meeting

Our journey together:

  • I met Angela whilst working at a corporate retail event after which she came to see me to get her colours done.
  • We discussed that one of her upcoming style considerations was her wedding the following year.
  • Having enjoyed our session she asked if I would help her with the image for her wedding, especially as her bridesmaids were travelling etc and her mother lived abroad 
  • We agreed that I'd meet, with her groom-to-be Dan, to make sure their preferred individual looks complimented each other and because they couldn't agree on some elements of the wedding such as how to implement traditional themes from Angela's culture into their modern preferences
  • After our initial 'styling' meeting, she then booked me to go wedding dress shopping with her, as we'd built up a relationship through the earlier consultations. Before we went shopping I researched the dresses that Angela thought she'd like from looking at magazines, but also what I thought might suit her that she'd not considered. (Our fairytale dress isn't always our best dress)
  • Before our meeting at the agreed shop, I did a reccie in advance and spoke to the shop about my upcoming visit with Angela
  • Also, based on photos and emails, I helped her and the bridesmaids think about and plan their overall look including hair, make-up and dresses.
  • I put together image boards to help them see how their different ideas could be styled to compliment each other.
  • And we continued to exchange emails and ideas until AH was ready to 'go it alone'!

Ready for blog
An example of a wedding colour scheme 'mood board'

Angela's feedback, at various intervals, included:

"Thanks for the lovely session on Saturday. Once D and I have a think about the colour scheme, the rest of the wedding planning will fall into place easier" - after joint session

"I've some updates for you about the wedding. D and I are considering one of the colour schemes you suggested. We've used the colour swatches and paired purple and lime together and we loved it. These colours fit in with our personality/character and would look lovely with the venue in summer" - on reflection, after mood boards

(And my personal fave!)"I've found a dress..." - after personal shopping

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'Til next time!

Denise x

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