Sunday 26 January 2020

Reflections from Anti Diet Riot Fest

A Sunday well spent!

This time last week I was at the first ever Anti Diet Riot Fest organised by Becky Young of Anti Diet Riot Club (found on Twitter and Insta)

Being a Sunday it was touch and go if I'd get to go, but I'm really glad I made it. It's challenge to the New Year, New You mantra was right up my street!

It was, as expected, very diverse and that was refreshing given many of the people in the space and on the platform are usually expected to (and often do) make themselves somewhat invisible or at least quiet in the crowd. It's not right - That's what the movement is trying to challenge and change.

It was exciting to know that I'd be surrounded by like-minded people, see people I'd already connected with and possibly make new contacts in the body confidence space.

And I wasn't disappointed.

- What I did:

My time started with an energising dance session by the School of Strut. And OMG I seriously bleeping enjoyed it. From beginning to striking a pose at the end my focus was on keeping up, appreciating what our bodies can do and having fun... not on what I, or anyone else, looked like doing it.

I also went to some brilliant talks. The topics I listened in on were on the Snap back, Gender & Masculinity, and Race. Tough topics with some overarching themes around embracing you, intersectionality, parenting, being an ally, challenging others, the impact of the media and much more.

I also got to be creative and make a protest banner even though I was a bit, make that a lot, weak on the protesting bit!

As well as lots to do there were some good displays such as Graeme Draws art and stands such as the one showcasing a range of body confident books (a few of which I'll be purchasing when the 76th of January finally arrives!). Along with a few books, I'm also already planning my next body confidence time outs.

Whilst I sadly couldn't stay for the whole day, what I got in the time I had was like rocket fuel as the place was bright, the conversations bold and atmosphere buzzing!
Roll on 2021 I say (or a summer event maybe!)

- Next!

In the meantime if anyone wants to join me at a School of Strut dance class (you really, really should!), HOT Helen of Troy or Fempowerment, holler... but note I am not looking for company as a safety net as I'll be in a safe place with my people!

Here's to a positive year ahead,
Denise x