Wednesday, 23 September 2015

My first 'Hello Fashion Monthly' magazine

Thoughts in 5-4-3-2-1

Yesterday I saw the new Hello Fashion Magazine on sale for a pound, and was straight in there! It's been around for a year now but it's the first time I've brought it as I'm usually reading work material on train rides or soaking up fashion news via blogs and social media.

  • What I liked about it (5)
It's glossy, focuses on what it says on the tin (fashion), gets a good balance between content and pictures, has items across the price range, and has a familiar format with the inclusion of beauty and lifestylewhich was comforting.
  • What I loved about it (4)
A section for bridal (not sure if it's permanent the but I hope it's at least a feature periodically), so much colour, reading about designers rather than a sole focus on their output, the presentation of 1 buy 4 ways
  • What I want from it! (3)
My top picks: A buy now, a buy maybe and a buy...if I win the lottery!
  • Who/what I discovered in it (2)
Susie Bubble and her brightness; her blog is now in my favourites. And, I'd not heard of 'Three floor' before but having checked out their website I think I'm in lust! (three*
  • What I wasn't so hot on? (1)
Sorry, but it just didn't 'look' diverse - I see the same type of  models and advertising yet again. Why? There are dark skinned models, plus-size, petite and models with disabilities (though anyone featured may of course have a hidden disability) who could give a mag' an edge imho.

Would I get it again? That'd be a yes!

If it's a glossy you've read what are your thoughts and how does it compare to your other faves?
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