Wednesday, 16 September 2015

#Fashfest - More than fashion... "Meet the Stylists"

  • The expectation:

Last night I attended Cosmopolitan's "Meet the Stylists" event. According to the write up in the mag we were to expect a 'chance to learn the trade secrets of celebrity style from our panel of fashion and beauty experts'

On that panel were Justine Jenkins, Michelle Humphrey, Lilah Parsons and Gemma Sheppard. Experts indeed. And they were interviewed by Farrah Storr, the editor of Cosmo herself.

  • My reality:

However, I didn't come away with trade secrets. I came away with much more!

I had expected to be told about the latest trends, but instead we were treated to stories about the personal journeys of everyone on stage in an open and engaging manner.

If I'm honest I had expected them to a fair bit of ego and some posturing (sorry ladies), but instead we saw 'real' women who were humble, passionate and hardworking.

I had expected it all to be a little TV with the audience kept at a distance from these celebs of style, but each one of them answered questions graciously and waited at the end to speak to their eager audience.

I didn't come away with tricks of the trade - I came away believing that what they had was possible with a willingness to 'learn the trade' (Lilah), use social media and contacts (Michelle), do a little for free and then know/charge your worth (Justine) and to take your chances and be confident (Gemma); and lots more tips!

Unlike some of the (generally younger) audience I wasn't looking for the tricks of the trade or an in, I was looking for some tips. And I got them, but not tips on fashion, nails and beauty...
... I came away inspired, with tips (reminders) on how to get on in life.

  • So, what am I going to do with all that?

I'm starting here, and will boldly share this blog with them!

I'm going to take a makeup class.

And, I can't wait to put this to the young people I speak to in schools who might well be told that fashion is shallow and not a real career.

Thank you ladies!*

More life than fashion, no spring chicken and proud!
Denise x

*Sorry, the photos aren't that sassy and there's no Instagram!

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