Monday, 19 December 2011

Dazzle in December

I’m not a big fan of winter but a few things make it at least bearable… hot chocolate, duvet days and Christmas (obviously).
Clothes-wise, there are two positives – the first is that I can do the school run covered in a big coat, and the second is: Glitz - Is - In, woohoo!  Glitter and sequins just don’t work so well at any other time of the year, but come December I get out a few old faithful items which have been reserved solely for the build up to Christmas through to New Years eve’. 

Glitter and sequins are always ‘in’ at this time of the year, along with the LBD. There are, of course, always variations such as colour and pattern – this year, for example claret sequins or star patterns are bang on-trend.

- Why is glitz popular?

Sequins are especially versatile and can work with every body shape and colouring, depending on how you wear them and the colour you choose.  Because sequins come in different shapes and sizes, they can be also be worn whatever your proportions. At a recent party I saw a young girl in a sequined dress and on the front cover of this months “Woman & Home” a 62-year old Twiggy is pictured wearing sparkling leggings – how many ‘fashions’ can be so well worn across the ages?

- How to wear it:

As with colour, where you wear your sequins is the trick to wearing them well. Glitter and sequins will attract attention - For example, an hourglass should wear sequins to draw attention their waist either with a fitted dress or a sparkly belt, if you’re an apple a glittery bolero and pair of bright glittery shoes would look fab, and an inverted triangle should wear sequins on their lower half – a skirt or even some hot pants (if you're brave enough)!

- Which colour?

Black may be classy, silver and gold dazzling, and purple regal but if you really want to make a statement go for red and channel your inner Jessica Rabbit!

- And finally!

Why do I think sequins so represent the season? Well, because lest we forget the real Christmas story features a bright shining star; and sequins and glitter are as close as we can get to recreating that bling, so...

...Sparkle on, and Merry Christmas one and all!

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