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Friday, 27 June 2014

The windows to your soul

They see, they say!

As I started this blog, I'll admit to thinking it would be about how beautiful eyes can be - but they deserve to be praised for so much more than how long our lashes are, how almond shaped and spaced our eyes are and which colour is best.

Yes, that's all lovely and I will soon be doing an advanced makeup session focussing on making the most of mine, but this series is more about praising and appreciating our bodies so the focus has changed from their relative beauty to their fabulous functionality!

You see, the primary function of our eyes is obviously to help us see (yes, I know what I did there!). Our eyes are how we view and judge the world around us - one of our five senses. Our eyes connect many of our other senses - before we eat, we judge if something looks appetising; before we smell a flower, we may look to see if a bee is present and so on.

Of course many people have to rely more heavily on their other senses, but those of us who are blessed with vision should really appreciate that (a) they protect us from others and the world around us ("I could see it coming, so I swerved/ducked/moved/ran etc"), and (b) they are a huge source of joy as they allow us to see the images that our mind translates.

But as well as seeing... Our eyes say so much - they shine when we're happy and shed tears when we're sad. They are so expressive that they can tell someone how we're feeling without us having to say a word.

And it is this latter function that has us believe our eyes are the windows to our soul.

How amazing is that!

(But if you really want to see beautiful eyes, here's a few to 'look' at:

Have a fab weekend everyone!
Denise x

PS: Find out more about the project that's behind #30daysofbodypraise at: and please support us however you can.

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