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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Your beautiful Mind

Celebrate your Cerebral!

If we're celebrating our bodies, we simply have to include celebrating our brains.

It is said...

Quote from Bruce Lee

...and so if we think confidently about our bodies and believe them to be wonderful, that we can make them so.

We should also use our minds to think about what is healthy, sensible and reasonable for our bodies.

By having confident thoughts, we feel more confident. The more positively we carry ourselves, the more others believe we are body confident. And the more this all happens, the more we reinforce the original thought(s). How wonderful that, in the main, having body confidence is a choice we can actively trigger a la my chat with the girls in yesterday's blog (

So, in the battle for body confidence engage your most powerful weapon - your beautiful mind! And give thanks for it and the power of thought.

Think positively in the week ahead!
Denise x

PS: Find out more about the project that's behind #30daysofbodypraise at: and please support us however you can.

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