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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Football's got me thinking Feet!

(Un)Happy feet?

Even if you're not a football fan, you'd have to be living under a rock to be unaware that the World Cup kicks off this evening. So, obviously today's body praise is for my feet.

I am not much of a walker and I don't run, and yet I still put my feet through their paces - every day.

I am really grateful for them, but if we had a conversation I suspect it would go something like this:

Me: Hi feet, how you doing?
Feet: Oh, so you've remembered we're here then?
Me: Of course, you know how much I appreciate you getting me from A to B all the time.
Feet: Urm, no we didn't actually. You rarely look at us, put us in those high heels and use us all the time.
Me: I'm so sorry you feel that way (*hangs head in shame*). What can I do to prove how much I value you?
Feet: Well, you know those occasional pedicures? We'd like a few more of them. And if the full thing's too much - just soak us, walk barefoot through nature, and put us up a bit more.
Me: Fair enough, I promise to do that. For now though, thank you I really am grateful for you.
Feet: OK, we feel better now! 

Would you be having the same conversation? I suspect a few footballers should! Anyway, here's to no major foot injuries this World Cup, and as for you...

...Go on, treat your feet!
Denise x

PS: Find out more about the project that's behind #30daysofbodypraise at: and please support us however you can.

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