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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Opened or Closed?

I really like my arms. I know it's my hands that do the carrying and my fingers that do the typing but it's my arms that cuddle. I am so grateful that they can be wrapped around my little boy.

They say that we need at least eight hugs a day, but I don't often get or give the full quota. Sometimes, I've given myself a hug of sorts: knowing it's a bit silly makes me laugh at myself and it's far easier than trying to pat yourself on the back!

Gesturing with our arms enable us to show off confidence, pride, love and frustration; and there are not many body parts that can be positive open or closed!

We either open our arms to someone as a sign of welcome or close them around someone to show affection. Open they are a sign of celebration, can 'gee people up' and demonstrate confidence as we say 'look at me'; closed around ourselves our arms are a form of protection and around others a source of comfort and/ joy.

No wonder this lovely character is being introduced to us!

Thanks for reading!
Denise x

PS: Find out more about the project that's behind #30daysofbodypraise at: and please support us however you can.

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