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Monday, 2 June 2014

Hands Up!

It's not yet 11am and I've already had my hands hard at work starting with pulling the covers off and turning off my alarm to typing this blog, and numerous things in between.

Here are some facts about my hands:

- As a child I had arthritis and as a result my fingers are quite bent.
- As I get older, my hands got more wrinkly.
- My hands have modelled. Yes, it's true.

As seen in the new CMB book:

As with many other parts of my body I've tended to focus on the flaws rather than the fabulous functionality of my hands. And they really are amazing!

Furthermore it seems that others are less bothered about their flaws than I, and when I took part in a photo shoot for CMB earlier this year, my hands were chosen to go in the book.

My point is: how can/do we talk confidently about something we don't really like or appreciate?  And that's what this series of blogs is about - if we can start by appreciating our bodies, I believe with can move closer to loving our bodies and being body confident. So stop focussing on the negative and show some gratitude!...

"Dear Hands,

Thank you for all you do. Sorry that I take you for granted most of the time. I promise to be more considerate in the future, and to pamper* you more.

Love ya,


*Pampering my hands may include:
Wearing gloves when washing up, using hand cream more regularly... and massaging them at the same time, getting a professional hand massage, having a manicure.

How will you pamper yours?

Thanks for reading, and if you've used your hands to print out or scroll down don't forget to say thank you!
Denise x

PS - You should also use them to TLC: and support out Body Confidence calendar:

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