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Saturday, 7 June 2014

First response.

I was out today with a group of friends when the subject of this blog came up. We talked around the Body Confidence project, and subject of how body confidence in the media etc affects young boys and girls. However, when I asked them to say which body parts they were confident about, the first response was this:

"I hate my hair"
"I don't like anything about my body"
"I wish I had a flat stomach"

This, from three beautiful, intelligent, fabulous ladies (of course, they're friends with me!).

So, I asked them again - reminding them not just of the question I'd actually asked but also that their responses could be overheard by those same young people we'd talked about earlier.

To my relief, the second set of responses (with no further prompting) brought a much better list:

"I like my shoulders, and my legs - everything really apart from my tummy" 
"I'm quite pleased with my body actually, it's pretty good for my age - not too saggy!"
"I've got great skin, and hair"
And better still, we went on to list about the things we love about each other... easily!

Lots of funny body stories then followed too, so:

- Today's lessons: 

  1. Watch you first response - a young person might be listening.
  2. Encourage others to be body confident
  3. Focus on what you know to be beautiful.

Keep it positive people!
Denise x

PS: Find out more about the project that's behind #30daysofbodypraise at: and please support us however you can.

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