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Saturday, 30 March 2013

About the boys

I do try to reference gentlemen in my blogs as much as possible but recognise that they're largely quite girly - so this blog is about addressing the balance and letting the gents taking centre stage for a change.

A number of my CMB colleagues have reported an increase in the number of guys they see, and I'm chuffed that more men are seeing the value in what I do. 

My oft used themes about image and confidence, image and job prospects, and image being a reflection of the inner you, are universal and relevant whether you are male or female.

Personally, I love doing consultations for men as (in my experience) once they get it, they just seem to go for it; but it it could be argued that its harder for guys to break out of their expected and/ self imposed uniforms of jeans & t-shirt or suit & tie combos.

But watch and learn from these guys...

What you see above is a real show of individuality, how to wear colour, accessorise and how to rock a trend...

Fellow men - see, it is possible! Ladies - this is what I'm talking about!

Go try it,

Note: A couple of these boys were bashful and asked not to be identified... Bless em!, and Thank you for letting me take the pics anyway.

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