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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Moustaches and Make-up!

What we wear on our face can have just as much impact as what we wear on our body!

Hopefully when we meet people, the first thing they focus on is our faces as they look at our ours for signs of sincerity, and at our mouths as we speak.  As such our face has a powerful role to play in our overall image.
For gents growing or removing a beard or moustache can make a statement, update or completely change their look, and for women - make-up can do the same.

This weekend a very good and talented friend of mine painted my face. It was important to me that it made the right statement, was in the right colours and in the right proportion.
Moreover, it was something I'd never had done before so it made me feel quite adventurous!

If you're not quite brave enough to have your face painted before you go shopping, how about a different lipstick or a beard trim?
Simple changes like this can make a positive difference - to how you look, and feel... especially if the compliments roll in!


I think she did a great job, and lots of people made positive comments.
What would you be painted as (if at all)?
And if not a face paint, what else could you do to liven up your look?

Would love to hear your comments.



  1. Hey Denise, thanks for saying hi on Twitter!
    How very pretty, I can't say it's been recent that I've had my face painted but I love the idea of having something done for celebrating - think Kate Moss on her 30th with the big star... I agree a new shade of lippy or even a bold red does wonders to self confidence!

    1. Thanks for commenting, always nice to get confirmation I make some sense!

      Hope you've got a new lippy on your shopping list, until you're celebrating something ;-)

      It's my pleasure to follow you on Twitter - see you there soon!