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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Today, it's Springtime...

...officially, even if the sun doesn't know it!

With the change in season, Mirabelle knows that it's time for a change so she's had a makeover.

It can be good to review our look occasionally, but we may need to be careful not to interfere with our personal brand (at least not too drastically, unless that's the plan).

A change in the colours you wear, updating your make-up or changing your hairstyle are some of the ways we can do this.

Mirabelle still looks the same essentially, but her colours have been softened to be more springlike; and as such might change how she is perceived or what statement she makes.

What does her new look say to you, and do you like it?
What could you do to update your personal brand without compromising your essence?

Do tell!
- And if you need help, don't forget that's what I do! -

PS - I know it's still cold, so here's a reminder about how to dress for 'Springter':

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