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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A lesson from Misha!

Style clues - What's your giveaway?

I've been really busy so didn't plan to do a blog this month, but then I met the lovely Misha whilst collecting brunch and this one was formed!

Misha perfectly captures my view that whatever you're doing you should find a way to embrace and/ inject your personal style (even if that's just your hidden bright red knickers or leopard print boxers!).

Under Misha's plain black uniform hides her cool tattoo, but I couldn't see that... It was her bright red lips, piercings, quiff and bow ABOVE her hairnet that gave a hint of her personal style.

The Misha you see...
... And what lies beneath!

Thanks for the inspiration and for letting me take your picture Misha!

Denise x

A big fat PS - If Misha can do it in a hairnet, what's stopping you?...
... find a way to embrace and/ inject your personal style EVERY DAY!

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