Wednesday, 13 January 2016

David Bowie - a Star Man.

The original recreator.

I often refer to authenticity in my work as an image consultant, and as such I encourage my clients to consider the impact of making sweeping image changes without careful consideration.

However with the unexpected passing of legendary David Bowie this week, I am also reminded that for some people change is their authenticity.

David Bowie was a style chameleon. He changed his sound, his name and his style on a number of occasions. And each time, he somehow remained himself.

Many pop stars do it - Madonna, Prince/Squiggle, Paul Weller, Norman Cook/Fatboy Slim are examples.

But before them all, in my lifetime, there was David Jones/Ziggy Stardust/David Bowie.

He was an original. An originator. An inspiration...Every. Time.

An despite the sweeping style changes, he always came across authentically and with real charm. 

What was your favourite Bowie image or re-invention?
I loved his 70's style - the creativity, the make-up, the bright bold colours be it a sharp suit or a clingy jumpsuit. And what a dapper gentleman he became in later years too.

What an icon, what a loss.

Goodnight Ziggy. RIP.

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