Sunday, 31 January 2016

A great start to the year

Damson Belle in January

Given I don't push the new year, new you agenda, I'm pleased that I've still been engaged in a few exciting activities this month.

I've presented on the impact of our image during a corporate wellbeing week, taken a lady special occasion shopping and worked with a bride and her bridesmaid.

What's been great has been the variety of what I've done and also who it's involved: both men and women, a teen and the more mature, the self-assured to the less confident. The results have included someone doing a wardrobe review, someone breaking a black eyeliner habit, some new outfits and several compliments.

The feedback in each case has been positive and affirming that what I do makes a positive difference. And that's why I do it. It's great to see people reflect, challenge themselves, grow in confidence, try something a bit different and ultimately feel good/better about themselves.

Over the coming few blogs, I'll share a little more about these experiences or my recommendations in theses areas.

I hope you've had a good January too.

Here's to a fabulous Febraury,

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