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Thursday, 10 October 2013

The talent show!

Meeting Masato part two...
...and Introducing Lilac and Lily!

If you've read my blog - Meeting Masato (, you'll know that I was planning on wearing one of this designers dresses to my cousin Jackie's wedding.

Fortunately I already had most of the accessories to wear with it (one of the reasons it was such a good purchase) and thought it was - as I'm sure you'll agree - stunning on its own without the need for much else.

web: - twitter: @masatostudio - facebook: masato jones

However my associate Charlotte Ralph introduced me to Dacia Halford - a bespoke fascinator maker - and I decided that I'd be interested in wearing something that complimented the dress, so long as it didn't compete with it. After seeing the dress, a couple of discussions about my personality and the occasion etc, and a few initial designs Dacia came up with the stunning fascinator you see below. 

facebook: lilacandlily - twitter: @LilacLily

It was comforting wearing an outfit knowing that I wasn't going to be seeing anyone else in it (many women's worst nightmare!), but the really great thing about it was that I got to showcase some really talented people's work. 

I hope I did the items justice... I think I did, based on the number of comments people made about them (not me, the items)!

The real reason for sharing this though, isn't about my indulgence - it's about showcasing Masato and Dacia's work (neither of whom have commissioned this blog in any way).

It doesn't have to be designer, but buying local and/ bespoke is really important for the small businesses in the fashion industry and I hope my outfit encourages more people to seek out such talented individuals and wear their stuff.

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