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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Take the challenge, Break the rules, Have some fun!

are meant to be broken, right?!

If you've read blogs one and two of the series on the rules you'll know that after we've learnt our personal rules based on our colouring and body shape etc, we need to think about how we can break a few on the journey to discovering our personal style. So why then do many of us, not only stick to the widely held rules, but create additional ones of our own?

I suspect one of the biggest reasons is habit, which is why we get stuck in a style rut. If you're completely happy with your personal style, then that's fabulous but if not, as I like to remind us all... "If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies". 
So ladies and gents are you ready to take the challenge, break the rules and have some fun? - Yes, then here's a few ideas for you to try (in no particular order):

1. Starting with the most ridiculous: Pick your outfit, eyes closed! Go on, I dare you to wear it :-)

2. If you're a matchy matchy kind of person, wear one piece that doesn't fit in! It doesn't have to be prominent, it just has to be done. Be brave and make it obvious enough to be seen.

3. Wear underwear completely clashing with your outfit such as a animal print bra under your formal suit... it's a bit of a cheat but its likely to make you feel more adventurous even if others can't see it *wink wink*

4. Split up an outfit that came together - sounds obvious but many don't do it.

5. Ask a friend with completely different taste to compose an outfit for you or to suggest two opposite looks that you have to incorporate into one outfit... It might scare you but it'll be fun for them!

6. Get your colours done and wear one or more you wouldn't normally wear or an unusual combination. A printed scarf is an easy way to do this.

7. List your personal style rules then break at least one... Break out of your self-imposed uniform. You may even find you like the changes.

8. Pick one item then look at/list/storyboard everything else in your wardrobe that will work with it as chances are you always put the same things together.

9. Just once, steal someone else's look - try the Internet, magazines, Pinterest for ideas

10. If you save lots of clothes for best - forget that! Wear something that doesn't get worn often, even if you have to dress it down. Take your inspiration from the 4-year old girl in the supermarket who wears her princess dress with her trainers!

By doing just one or two of these, you'll put yourself on the road to being a more interesting, daring and creative dresser (if of course, that's what YOU want)!

Do share with me how you get on, and don't forget - if you need a little help or inspiration, call me on 07887 643807 and I'll help you have fun on the journey to your personal style.

Coming soon: In the final installment, I'll share with you my experience of breaking my rules!

Until next time!

Denise x

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