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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Meeting Masato

Having seen the lovely Sarah Jane Honeywell in a Masato dress that she was to later auction for charity, I decided to follow the designer on Twitter (@masatostudio)

Though I like to look, I'm not normally one for designer wear - but I decided to check out their designs on the web as you do! Typically however, a dress (several actually!) did catch my eye - with it's deep rich purple tones, softening circles and feminine cut - and I posted it on Pintrest: with the phrase "If only... So Classy"

So there I was, checking my tweets last week when I see that Masato is doing a sale and you guessed it, I went the site again. Next thing you know I'm making enquiries which lead to me visiting the studio, justifying it with the sentence: "well, I'm just looking as I do have a wedding to go to soon"!

Luckily (- it was a budget-blower!) the one I saw on Pintrest didn't quite work for me (darn you small bust!) but another one fitted as if designed just for me (Oops..) and the damage was done!

It's definitely worth it though. And, whilst in the studio I also got to see sketches of what Masato was working on, try on 'test' dress and suggest the colour it should be produced in!

Here's the lovely, talented man himself:

Read about Masato here: Buy Masato here:

PS - I have not been sponsored by Masato to do this blog! I'm just chuffed with my lovely new dress and impressed with the service - from Mike picking me up at the station to my personal hand-drawn picture.

PPS - You will see the dress in it's glory in another blog... I need to accessorise!

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