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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Through the looking glass past!

The year that was... 

I love what I do. I have met some amazing people and done some great things as a result of it.
Last year I worked with a range of groups and individuals, and in both a personal and business capacity.

The business people usually came as part of something bigger and were ushered in to me, the fortunate ones have been treated to one my consultations as a gift; the 'ready' ones have recognised that something needed to change in their lives and could through their style, and have come to me entirely of their own choosing.
I have worked with people who came purely for fun, some  to learn something specific and some who came not fully knowing what they would get out of it!

Many have been surprised by just how much they have learnt about themselves as a whole, the impact of their style on others and the impact of colour and image for, and on, themselves...
I have seen people this year who have gained, eg a husband!, but I have also seen people who have lost (weight!, boyfriends, jobs and confidence). 

I believe in each case (especially with those who have lost) I have given the person a new, more positive perspective of themselves. I’m not going to share the stories of these individuals with you, but...

Some of the events I did were:
  • An 'Oxfam day' where I gave advice about what to wear from the rack and helped raise money in the process
  • A presentation to a team at The Hay Group where the men’s reaction was the best bit... they went from 'should I be here' to? 'so, what tie should I wear?'.
  • The Christian women’s group presentation which allowed me to be 'all of me' talking fashion and faith - A great event (tinged with sadness as the organiser was very ill unable to make it).
  • Several women's development programmes - all about helping women understand the power of their personal brand, embrace it and use it to help them achieve their goals.

And lastly (but by no means least)...

  • The Best 'Bravest Woman Awards' - This, the last event in my calendar was simply "shamazing!" (to quote Nicole Sherzinger!) Whilst the Prima High Street Fashion awards were fun, this event was off the scale... I met 13 amazing women who had done a range of wonderful, inspiring things including paralympian Sophie Christiensen, The Kavanagh sisters and family members of Hillsborough victims. After doing a specially written workshop with them, and them having their make-overs I attended a ceremony where they were awarded for their bravery. Check out more about them here:

Why ever people have come to me I have been grateful for their business and their lovely feedback, but more than that I thank them for their enabling me to do what I love and to make a positive difference.

Thank you all,

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