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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Lessons from the GG's 2013

I love awards season and the Golden Globes often sets the scene for the fashion year ahead as the first big film awards of the year.

This year provided me with some great visuals to highlight the following six styling tips.

  • Look for ways to stand out but stay on trend – a stylish trouser suit as worn by Amy Poehler, Tina Fey's classic cut dress at a different length or floor length gown in a striking colour (Julie Bowen's dress) are all working here!

  • Try swapping black for other dark colours which are less harsh and can be just as slimming. Navy and plum are two examples... they are often more flattering than black! Look at how it works for Glenn Close, Lena Dunham and Sally Fields.

  • Consider your overall look including accessories: Jewellery and handbags are a great way to (a) show your personal style such as Helena Bonham-Carter’s handbag, and (b) add interest to the main piece such as Jessica Alba’s feather clutch.

  • Let the clothes wear you, the idea is that a dress should show you off re both colour and style. Yves Saint Laurent said that “...what is important in a dress is the woman wearing it”  - yet Lucy Lui’s dress detracts from her as it is too big and fussy
  • Show off to much flesh and expect to look as classy as being at least a bit demure – Halle Berry did cover up her top half, but only sort of... but look at how Kerry Washington (and others) gets around this by using different fabrics. If in doubt, go with the old ‘rule’ to show EITHER legs or cleavage!

  • Forget to consider practicalities – Jennifer Garner looked great in her flattering red dress, but it’s not a good enough to look great if, for example, you can’t be sure it’ll stay up!


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