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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Styles of the Season!

This year's top trends for the Festive season.

Every December we are faced with the big decision about what to wear to the office party with some women apparently spending around £210* on a new look for the occasion; and that’s before Christmas Day itself, after which its New Year’s Eve when we’ve got to wear something else to wear that’s special.

Some trends return year after year, but there are always a few variations on the usual themes. This year, the High Street hits are as follows (plus a few tips about how to wear them).

  • For the Ladies 

Sparkle & shine... in sequins and metallics  

-    Sequins reappear in some form most Christmas’ and the metallic trend seems to be a hangover from the Golden Jubilee and Olympics. Both looks are very popular among the stars as well as the High Street!

Tip: Wear what will go with your undertone... for example if you have a warm complexion, gold may work better for you whereas silver will work best if you have a cool complexion.

Red is the colour – from bright to plummy

-    Red is always a hot colour for the cold season as it is associated with warmth, energy and passion. And, there’s a shade for everyone.

Tip: If a sparkly red dress is too much for you, think about adding a colour pop of your best shade where you’d 
like to draw attention to, eg: to your waist with a belt, or your legs with a pair of red tights.

Peplums and ruffles

-    Ruffles are new for the season and refer to necklines and cuffs, but the peplum has been around all of 2012 and is all about drawing attention to your waist.

Tip: Peplums are great if you need to create curves or to exaggerate an hourglass figure!

Short shorts or maxi dresses

-    Short shorts are definitely going to make a statement in themselves so wear them with confidence!, but a maxi dress can be ramped it up in the style stakes if you combine it with another trend like red or shine.

Tip: A carefully chosen maxi dress is versatile so buy the best your budget can get... whereas sparkly short shorts are not likely to make it past one Christmas, so spend the least your ego will allow!


-    Smoky eyes or red lipstick is the make-up for the season, or seeing as it’s Christmas you could get away with both for all out glamour.

Tip: If bold make-up is not your style, why not opt for deep, sparkly or bright nails instead?

 Cover-up in... Faux fur for glamour and warmth

-    It’s a faux-pas to cover up a stunning outfit in a less that stunning cover up. Getting it right can really lift an otherwise safe outfit and help you make an entrance!

Tip: As an alternative, look for a feathery cover-up.

  • Ladies & Gentleman  


-    If you’re not going for colour – in other words, you’re wearing black! - go for texture instead. I’d recommend velvet for boys & lace for girls, though velvet can work for both.

Tip: Wearing lace? Make sure you’re undergarments don’t ruin the look!

 Trouser Suits

-    For boys it’s about colour but for ladies it’s all about white like Rita Ora and Nicole Scherzinger’s X-factor outfit.

Tip: Gents pick a colour that suits you, ladies – white doesn’t flatter everyone especially if worn too close to your face so if it doesn’t work for you wear it on your lower half only... and stay away from red wine!

Picture Jumpers

-    Think Bridget Jones... Christmas images on your front are all the rage at the moment, and are a fun and practical item to wear. I know, fashion is strange at times!

Tip: Wear a print that fits with your proportions... for example, if you are petite a huge jumper with a huge print will swamp you.


-    For ladies it’s about ‘bling’ from statement earrings through to diamante shoe clips livening up your plain black heels, for boys think Bing (Crosby)!... including bow ties, hankies and hats.

Tip: Have fun with it... accessories are a great way to update an old outfit and bring in colour, texture and shine without going all out.

Whatever you decide to wear, wear it with a sparkly smile... the best accessory ever!
Merry Christmas everyone.

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