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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

What we can learn from the GG’s!

Six steps to dressing like a star

There’s been alot of comment about who wore what to Sunday night’s Golden Globes and as a stylist I’ve been fascinated by the range of opinion.  Whilst there have been some consistent ‘hits’ and some obvious ‘misses’ I couldn’t pick a favourite, so I’m taking a different approach! Also...

More important than what everyone wore is what we can learn from those who can afford to wear the best. We've got some high profile visuals about what works and the interest clothes can generate, and we also saw how even the rich and famous can get it wrong.

So, what are the key lessons and who wore it well:

  • -          Colour is critical:

Two great examples of this were Tilda Swinton and Viola Davis – their colours complimented their overall colouring brilliantly.  Colour should always flatter, but get it wrong and a colour can drain or overwhelm us as we can see from Kelly Osbourne’s colour-choice (which is too strong for her).


  • -          Shape and size must be in flattering proportion:

The shape of our clothes should accentuate the positive, and can be used to ‘hide’ less flattering area’s. Mary J Blige’s dress shows of her figure perfectly, Laura Wilson’s could be helping her cover up but it's still flattering. On the other hand, Piper Perabo's dress completely swamps her and Frida Pinto’s dress hides the great figure we know she has.

  • -          Embracing your Style personality can give you an edge:

Zooey Deschanel is known to have a unique style and she managed to make that work for her on the red carpet – she stood out in a good way (including cute tuxedo nails!), from the sea of material, fishtails and glitz and yet still managed to look fabulous. A special mention too to Lavia Firth who takes this a step further and makes sure she dresses to her ethical principles.

  • -          Know the current trends or be prepared to set new ones:

We can see trends being set or trends being followed – knowing what works for you in the season injects a bit of ‘now fashion’ into your own style. An example of this would be Jessica Biel’s on-trend white, lace dress; and Michelle Williams may have gone one further by setting a new (headband) trend.

  • -          Don’t forget the impact of your extra’s:

Make-up, accessories and hairstyle really do matter and can make or break your look. A fantastic example of this was Angelina Jolie’s ensemble... her hair and make-up complimented her and her outfit, and as for accessories – Brad Pitt counts as one of the best!

And finally...
  • -          Having considered all that, ask yourself “Is my look appropriate?”:

As well as being appropriate for the occasion, another example of this is dressing ‘age appropriately’ which comes into play after colour, style, personality etc. Well done to the cast of Modern Family who show us how it’s done.

Not everyone gets to attend awards ceremonies, has the budget or access to designers but we can still look like the stars if we... have the know-how, work within some style rules, have confidence, pose AND  SMILE!

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