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Thursday, 5 January 2012

What I wore for Christmas...

... That we’ll still be wearing this year!

Christmas is a time (not a day!) when we can roll out all the good stuff in our wardrobes, but with all the effort that goes into picking your Christmas wardrobe (or mine at least) it would be a shame if it all had to go away until December 2012!

Colour me Beautiful recommends, quite rightly, that we look at what we can revive and revitalise in our wardrobes (especially given the economic climate) so I’ve been thinking about what to put in a suitcase (glitter and sequins), and what I should be keeping in the wardrobe.

·       Here’s what I wore, that I’ll be keeping out...

     To the Snowball (a regular event in my Christmas calendar and a great opportunity to glam up) I wore a red, white, grey and black print dress; peep toes and velvet fitted jacket. In familiar company I could get away with my bold patterned dress... and it’s a keeper as bold prints will be in next year. However, unlike my co-ordinated approach the real trend will be about mixing prints... great if you’re a creative dresser!
Vivienne Tam's clashing prints
My drop-waist, Print dress
For Carols by candlelight –my ‘revitalise’ outfit was based on an old deep green skirt, it was teamed up with a new green glitter collar. Whilst accessories are always a hit, the focus shifts – this year one trend will be neck attire so my collar was a great investment. Alternatively there is always a great statement necklace or scarves to choose from. 

At a Christmas dinner with friends I wore black skinny jeans, a black lace top, white jacket, leopard print heels and mustard clutch. As I usually wear colour, this black ensemble got a big reaction... I couldn’t resist the pop of colour and animal though!  Obviously black will remain a popular choice, but replacing mustard will be tangerine and replacing the leopard print will be bird and feather motifs.  The real carry-forward item of this ensemble though is lace. Febraury’s “Cosmoplitan” – says “Lavish Lace” is “What’s sexy now”! (See page 21)

With lace and a collar - this should be a hit in 2012

For midnight mass on Christmas eve’ I wore a shimmery white, gold n black dress (each colour symbolic for the occassion), and according to MSN style another keeper (yeah!) as metalic and shimmery materials carry through to this year.

Shimmery winter white, gold and black
On Christmas day – I always wear something that’s been a gift, this year it was a Paul Smith print skirt from hubby.  For him, Paul Smith will always be in and that’s also the case for the High Street with the trend of collaborations with designers set to continue.  We had one H&M/Versace collection last year, and another due this year; and David Beckham has already modelled and launched his underwear collection with them.  I wonder who else will pair up this year?

Boxing day and Coffee with the girls later in the week was all about colour. I wore lime, purple, chocolate and pale yellow in various combinations. Colour is always a way (along with accessories) of making a change and keeping up with the trends, and 2012 will be no different. This year the ‘in’ colours will be tangerine (the colour of the year), pastel colours and red.

And on the ‘in-between’ days I often wore... a tracksuit - And into Olympic year, that’s going to be another trend as designers make sportswear a ‘style’. Go for it but only in your best colours of course!

Tango tangerine, and Sporty - Marc Jacobs

So, in summary what will I still be wearing next year?
  • Bold patterns and prints...mix it up if you’re brave enough (I won't be joining you!)
  • Accessories like my green collar will be kept, and anything in the right print or colour you don’t have is to be brought to refresh and revive what you've got
  • Texture – so my lace and velvet are keepers
  • Shimmery fabrics
  • A little bit of 'designer' - in an affordable way!
  • Colour – Just make sure it’s the shade that suit’s you... Personally, I’ll be rocking red and more (blue based!)-red! - one of the hot colours of the moment.
  • Sportswear – there’ll never be another 2012 Olympics!

To read more about these, and other trends, and for some pics, check out...

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