Monday, 9 January 2012

That's so last year!

It may already seems ages ago, but we’re only just into 2012! Before we’d even finished the last year there were lots of reviews about what was hot in 2011 but I wanted to wait and see the year out. After all, Lady Gaga’s get-up on New Year’s Eve was sure to be something to see... and it was but not for the reason I was expecting. I had thought she’d look her usual creative (sometimes crazy) self, and she did but what surprised me was that I actually one of her outfits. So there you have it – my first ‘best’ is....

Best New Years Eve outfit – Just pipping Jessie J, it’s Lady Gaga’s silver dress: It was a winner for me, not sure about the headdress though!

My style Celeb of the Year - Emma Watson: she’s been a style revelation this year. Despite being known for HP, she’s shaken her old image and transformed into a real style star… I’d wear her stuff (if only!)

Designer of the Year – We can no longer ignore (if you ever could) Victoria Beckham, now a respected designer (with no formal training) on both sides of the Atlantic and an award-winner now to boot.

Brides of the year - The two Kates (Middleton and Moss): there was little/nothing to split them... both introduced a sibling, looked lovely in styles that suited their looks and personalities, and made sure their grooms scrubbed up!

Entrance of the year – And talking of that wedding, enter: Pippa Middleton: she not only hit the headlines herself, she’s been part of one of the press’ favourite fashion stories of the year… sisterly rivalry.

Trend of the year - Colour blocking: it was a new term as well as the stand out fashion trend, not great for me as I’m on the short-side but that’s what heels are for!

Store of the Year – The high end, high street store Reiss: regularly worn by Kate Middleton so often sold out of key items, and celebrated it’s 40th anniversary.

Top gent! – I’m giving this one to Dermot O’Leary: GQ set him up against Gary Barlow every week of X-Factor and he never got it wrong.  Must have been tough given he’d only had Louis and Simon to compete against before!

Icon of the Year – The one and only Liz Taylor... a legend for who she was, what she achieved and the legacy she left us.

One to watch - She was late onto the fashion scene but what an entrance from Rooney Mara... especially considering how she looked in film to how she looked on the red carpet.

There’s loads more ‘nice-to-do’ catagories, but I’ll change approach as it seems wrong to have the biggest and best without mentioning the ‘flip side’- there were a few sad/shocking pieces of fashion news last year, notably:

  • ·         The shocking:
The John Galliano race scandal – the less said about that the better.
  • ·         The sad:
The loss of Evelyn Lauder, Amy Winehouse and (already mentioned) Liz Taylor.
  • ·         The mad:
Nikki Minaj –vs-  Gaga’s going for the crown for the wackiest celeb dresser!

For more on 2011, good and bad, check out the detailed Telegraph reviews at:

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