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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Fashion takes us back!

I recently held the honour of being #bizoftheweek on Twitter on the #BeckBromFL. Each day I tweeted around questions, tips and thoughts about image, style and fashion.
Whilst the tips and thoughts were often retweeted, the real interaction came as a result of the cheeky questions entitled #Justforfun.  A few of them will form the basis of my next few blogs, starting with the question:
- Which fashion item would you erase from your photo album? -
The responses did make me laugh, and I'm sure those who shared did too. Mentioned was a kaftan and curly perm, hot pants, headband and ra-ra skirt, a leopard skin coat, MC Hammer trousers and shell suits.
Though funny now, each outfit would (most likely) have made the wearer feel right on trend at the time, and I'll bet just reading that list has taken you on a trip down memory lane... It's funny how a picture (even one that remains in our head!) of us in an old outfit can transport us back years and remind us of a range of things - from what we were up to and with whom, to what we were listening to. 
In chapter 7 (The Traveller in Time) of the book 'The Thoughtful Dresser' we are told that...
..."We can date old photographs by what people wore, how they styled their hair" and that "how people are dressed is the most reliable indicator of different periods in history".
An item/ style/ period may return - hot pants from the 70's to Kylie "Spinning around", the 60's and the 20's as currently in favour; but always with a twist. And whilst an item might return, even then it will have us talking about how it was 'the first time around'.
Given that nobody wanted to erase anything 'current', it does make me wonder - what will we think of what we're wearing now in a few years time, what current styles will be recycled from the noughties, and what memories will they trigger?
So to my final thought on the subject: If the picture actually made you smile or brought back a good memory from a period in your history, it's not really that bad and really shouldn't be erased. Rather it should be smiled at and celebrated.
[Note: Sadly, in my case, my 90's graduation outfit - which was the wrong colour and style for me - simply makes me cringe but it still makes my parents smile so I'm stuck with it!]
Denise x
Please click on the link below and Enjoy (the full video is at the end)!:
Which decade would you erase your pic' from?!

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