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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Catwoman in Pyjama's!

#Justforfun I recently asked the people on my Twitter feed...
If you could get away with it, what mad outfit would you wear to work/school run/a posh restaurant?” 
Whilst the question was intended to be fun, the answer may give us a more serious insight into a range of things such as how we are feeling at the time of the question and our real style personality.
For example at the time I originally asked the question, my response would have been a Halle Berry-esque Catwoman catsuit (read into that what you will!) but right now, the answer would be my pyjama’s because I’m feeling tired and want to curl up in a huge comfy sofa. Interestingly though, those two responses also reflect my style personality as a Dramatic Natural, whereas the idea of wearing a fairy costume or going naked would never be options!
And that leads me to ask, why not? Eg is the idea of going naked (even when no-one would see us) a sign that we don’t want to feel exposed for example? And is the idea of dressing up like a superhero or baddie about wanting to feel powerful or dangerous? (Answers on a postcard please as they say!)
In other words what we wear (I believe) tells us a lot, and can be used to express something going on inside, hide, or shout out a non-verbal message.
With that in mind, what would your answer be to the question at this moment, and why?

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