Wednesday 3 June 2015

A ban on black! Clothes, that is...

How many of you could wear NO black for a week?

The lovely Angie Greaves is on a mission with her #wearlessblack hashtag, but I've managed to inadvertently set myself the challenge of wearing no black to set a colourful example at work. I'm not sure that I'll keep going much longer but it's been a while since I last wore any black at all. For some people I know that'd be near on impossible as they revolve their whole wardrobe around black trousers! On the other hand, I recently met a lady who said she felt 'liberated' the day an image consultant 'suggested' that it didn't flatter her.

My colour combinations are all based on my colour palette and importantly, an understanding of how to combine them to suit my colouring, personality and lifestyle & work.

Here are some of the combinations I've gone for (so far)...









Do you have a fave colour combo from my selection of outfits, and what colour combinations could you go for from your existing wardrobe that doesn't include any black?

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine!
Denise x

PS - I've also had a navy & white PJ day, and my bag is taupe!

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