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Friday, 1 June 2012

A stylish celebration in Red, White & Blue!

I couldn’t let Jubilee weekend go by without talking about Red, White & Blue
It’s such a great colour combination (nature proves it!) – there’s a shade of red and blue for everyone, and so many variations of this complimentary trio. 

Blue is a great alternative to black, it is very versatile and the shades are endless. And red is just so hot, striking and dramatic, what’s not to love! Although pure  white doesn’t flatter everyone, softer shades are great and there’s nothing more classic than a crisp white shirt.

Think about what you'll let dominate though, as colours have meaning:
  • Wear red to signal passion, drive and a will to win (and no, it does not anger bulls)!
  • Wear white to appear pure, spiritual and enlightened, but not with kids!
  • Wear blue to promote calm, loyalty, and authority... great for interviews!

So, how will you be wearing your red, white and blue this weekend? Here are a few of my mix and match items.

My mix: Jeans, dresses, jackets, trousers and tops plus accessories - What combination would  you go for?

Not feeling brave enough to wear all three...go for a 'pop' of red - ladies how about wearing blue and white clothes, but donning red lips (make sure you pick the right shade!) and/nails. And gents, how about red socks and a stylish red hankie? No excuses, there’s a shade and combination for everyone! 

What a fantastic change to seeing black dominate events... let’s embrace it and keep it up!

And finally, some interesting facts about red, white and blue...
  • There was a red, white and blue beer, and it might be revived soon!
  • Red, white and blue is the most popular combination for national flags... wonder why?
  • Red, white and blue” is the title of both a song and a film
  • Red, White and Blue are the names of three fictional soldiers from a DC comics series
  • Friday, 12th October 2012 will see school children celebrating "Red, white and blue' day in support of the families of the Armed Forces (For more or to make a donation, go to

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